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Why 84HuB SuperChain ?

Blockchain Technology is The Most Secure and Safest Way to Save Data. There are Many More Benefits Of Using Blockchain Technology. That's Why Now a Days Blockchains are Being Used in Businesses, Enterprises, and Public Networks.

Blockchain Became Famous by Being Used for Crypto Currencies and Smart Contracts on Public Blockchain Networks Like Ethereum, Where People Create And Deploy Smart Contracts and Many Kind of Decentralised apps.

Now As we Know there Are Lots of Benefits Using Blockchain Technology, There are few Issues when we use It For Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts (tokens, Nfts Etc).

The Major issue is The Gas We pay As Fee for Deployments and All Kind of Transactions. Gas is basically Used to Protect the Network From Attacks and Decrease the vulnerability of Network. It Goes As a reward to The Nodes,  which are Helping the Network to be Stable.

The Native Coin Of Network is Always Used to Pay Gas fee. Which is a Beautiful Concept, as Long as Native Coin is being Traded at Lower Prices. But When Native coin Becomes Expensive, the Fees are Also Effected. For Example, Ethereum Network Use Ether as Gas to Pay for Every Action. As Much as Ether is Traded at Higher Prices, Gas(fee) is Also Becoming Higher.

84Hub Solves this Issue. 84hub Network is More Secure, More efficient, More Fast, Handles More Transactions and Fee-Free Blockchain Network. You don't Need to Pay Gas or Any Valuable Assets  From Your Wallet to Deploy Smart contracts or Transactions. It Is Completely Free Forever. You Can Build Everything What you can Create On Ethereum or All Other Blockchain Networks.

84HuB is Also Compatible with Existing DApps on Binance Smart chain Or Other Ethereum Forks. Means You can Easily Deploy Your Existing Smart contracts  to 84HuB SuperChain. Where All Your Projects will be More Faster , More secure, and Free From Paying Expensive Gas Fees Forever.

We want to Provide True Decentralisation to the World. Where Nobody Controls or Manifest Anything just Like Nature and Universe. This Is 84HuB is All About.

People Behind Project 84HuB

Manjinder Singh

Manjinder singh

Founder / Developer of 84HuB Superchain
Experience in Web development, Software Development, Blockchain Technologies.
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Gurvir Singh

Web Developer / Marketing Manager/ Graphic Designer / Content
Experience in Designs,Social Media, Editing, Marketing
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Shadi Ayoub

Blockchain Develpor / Technical advisor
Experience in IT Services, Blockchain Development, IT Consultation.
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R.S Bajwa

Advisor / Investor
Experience in Investments, Management , Business consultation.